Campout Submission Process

ENTER your information

Your campout information starts here, entered into a series of fields like this. There will be a set of fields for each of your campouts. This allows you to enter your camping dates and details of your each campout separately.

Keep it simple. Nobody needs to see 3 people listed with contact information and have to choose between them.

PREVIEW your information

Once you've entered the information for all your campouts, you have a chance to preview it and see how it might look formatted similar to that in the Master Campout schedule.

If you need to correct any information, use your browser's Back Button to go back and make the necessary changes.

SUBMIT your information

After you are happy with the information, you press the "Submit" button. Your nicely formatted information then gets changed into some clunky data format that's hard for people read but easy for a web program to handle. This information is saved on the server and an email is sent to the NSDCA.

VERIFY and MERGE Information

A real human views this data to verify it and then adds it to an interim schedule where it is sorted and intermixed with information from all other chapters. The final result is put back on the server as the "Master Campout Schedule" and is now visible and usable by anyone with a browser.