Stage 1: Initial Information for Campouts

The next fields are optional. Any information that you put in the following fields will be copied to each campout entry that will be listed in Stage 2. This will save a lot effort if the same campground is used for all (or even some) of the campouts.
You can still change this information for individual campouts in Stage 2.

See info at right on how to use this Combo Box

First Time? -- Feel free to experiment

These forms are new for a lot of people so don't be afraid to "try it out" before taking the plunge to enter all your data. Create a quick dry run with data for a couple of campouts. You can progress through the stages up to the PREVIEW page (but no further) so that you can see how to use the forms and know what's exepected. Then you can go back and enter your real information.

Warning: Do NOT submit your information during your experimenting phase. Only SUBMIT when you have understood the process and have REAL campout data. Otherwise you'll wake up the sleeping giant, Ken, who will see that you've submitted something and go to process it. Normally Ken is in a good mood, but I don't know what he's like if he gets woken up to check on garbage data being submitted.